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January 17, 2013

A New Year Recap

Today is January 17th. 2013. Yep, that means it has officially been six months since my last blog post. Ouch. Well, I guess it's a new year and I'm ready to make a goal again to blog. When I sat down at the computer this morning and opened up iphoto, I realized today, that I have taken lots of blog-worthy photos (mostly food and cakes) and haven't posted them in quite sometime. So here's a re-cap of the fun projects I have been working on lately.

Beachy Window Boxes
We had a brainstorm one day while walking down the stairs, looking at the bare walls near the front door of my condo. What if we made some wooden shadow boxes, painted them, and then found some colorful swimsuits and glued them in there? Well, it worked. From start to finish it probably took us about 10 days maybe 30 min a day. Really simple project, and fairly inexpensive too. The whole project cost about $25-$30. And now there is a bright spot on the wall when you walk in the door. I love beach living.

Mom's Pink and White Birthday Cake

I made one of these for my roommate a year ago, and my mom requested it for her birthday. It turned out fantastic. Originally a white cake, I died half of it pink to make it pop. I made up a Raspberry frosting, and paired it with a white chocolate mousse as a filling in between the layers. We were licking our fingers with this one for a week. Okay, honestly, it only lasted a day and a half.

Dad's Rocky Road Cake

I had never heard of this version of this cake before, but one afternoon my dad took a trip down memory lane and pulled this one out. Apparently, my Grandma Judd used to make this for him on his birthday when he was young. It was extrememly simple and very tasty. A yellow box cake + Chocolate Frosting + marshmellows and pecans and a Chocolate mousse in the middle. And, viola a cake that is a match made in heaven!

 A Christmas Breakfast Worth Pinning

One of our Christmas Traditions is to have Eggs Benedict on Christmas Morning. Even though we had a smaller crowd this year, we still put out all of our best Christmas dishes and flatware and made the tablescape look very elegant. My dad made his famous Eggs Benedict, which are to die for! I don't think I have ever finished this meal with a dirty plate, it's good till the last drop.

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Linda Flores said...

Fun! You're so creative :)